How Long Does it Take to Replace Carpet?

How Long Does it Take to Replace Carpet

Getting your home carpeted is, of course, a perfect idea, as it provides a very soft and cozy feel under your feet, and gives your space a much luxurious look. Coming up in a huge mesmerizing variety, the carpet had made itself the most demanding floor covering. Now, just like all other floor coverings, the carpet also does has a specific time period after which you have to get replace carpet so that your space could again get an adorable look.

Most people think that the replacement of carpet is much of a tiring task and cannot be done without professionals’ help. Well, it is not true. Replacing a carpet is a simple and easy process and you can do it by yourself in no time (1-2 hours) saving a lot of money. With that said, here in this article, you will get to know some amazing steps on how to replace a carpet so that you could have a clear idea about how long does it take to replace a carpet.

Easy And Simple Steps to Replace Carpet

Home Carpets replacement does not take much time if gets done properly. In order to save your time and money, as well, which you were going to spend on the availing of professional services, here are some amazing steps. These super simple and easy steps will help you in the complete replacement of carpet within no time, without getting you to feel tired. And, in this way, you can then easily install a new one in your dearest home, amplifying the beauty of its decor.

1. Remove Already Installed Baseboards

Remove Already Installed Baseboards


First thing first, before you start to replace the carpet with a new one. Do this process step by step in an organized manner so that it could get done without any frustration. In the very first place, you have to remove the already installed baseboards, which could be the greatest hurdle of this procedure.

Remove them in a very soft manner if you want to get new carpet installation after replacing the old carpet. Keep them aside so that they won’t get damaged during the whole removal procedure of carpet at your space. Remember to put on your protective gear so that you couldn’t get yourself injured. Wear safety glasses, a dust mask, safety gloves to get yourself protected.

2. Remove All the Tack Strips

Remove All the Tack Strips


Removal of baseboards is not everything. Now you have to remove the tack strips in such a way that you could easily reinstall them later while lodging a new floor covering. For that purpose, it is recommended to grab a pry bar and try to pull each tack strip gently with hands. You have to b much careful while doing this step to replace carpet because there will be flying nails that can get you injured.

Keep them aside for later use. If you do this step as mentioned, then there will be no loss of your money that you might have to spend on purchasing the new tack strips. Although you can detach those strips without taking care of them being damaged it will cost you later. So, it will be better if you follow each step properly.

3. Start Removing the Carpet

Start Removing the Carpet


Now your wall to wall carpets is ready to get removed as you have removed all the baseboards and tack strips. If your carpet is glued down, use the edge of a pry bar to break the bond between carpet and subfloor. And try to grab a corner of that floor covering with a firm grip. When you feel that you have enough grip on it. Start pulling back the carpet as much as you can with full force until or unless it won’t get a fallback.

When you pulled enough of it, then use the edge of a utility knife to remove the remaining part of it. Use of a knife will make it easy for you as it will break the bond created by adhesives to the subfloor, and you could easily remove the entire floor covering.

4. Cut Down the Carpet into Strips

Cut Down the Carpet into Strips


When you are done with the complete removal of the sisal carpets, cut them down into the strips. As lifting up this entire floor covering is, obviously, not possible, as it is quite heavy. So, it will be better if you cut them down so that you could lift each strip easily and get them disposed of. For that purpose, use the sharp edge of the knife.

You might have to cut at least 3-4 strips. After that, roll each one of them and get them secured with duct tape. It will help you out while lifting them up. Then, get them disposed of. You can do the same process with the underpad if you want to remove it, too. Or you can install the new carpet over the same underlayment, as per your preference.

5. Get the Floor Clean For New Installation

Get the Floor Clean For New Installation


After getting the removal done, clear up all the mess. It will be better if you do the cleaning of the room with a vacuum so that your subfloor could get itself ready for the new installation. Now, if you have done the first installation of the carpet by yourself, it will be easy for you to get it done for the second time.

All you have to do is roll the carpet out from one wall to another. Get it secured with the tack strip using nails and a hammer. Reinstall the tack strips, and you are done with the installation process of the new carpet. And, that’s how long does it takes to replace a carpet. This whole process will take a maximum of 2 hours from your busy life routine.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I really hope that now you have a clear idea of how much time to replace carpet does take. Also, you might now know that how easy is the replacement of carpet that you can do it by yourself, saving a lot of money and your time, as well.

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