How Are Carpets Measured?

How Are Carpets Measured

Carpets, of course, create a luxurious look of your home’s interior design by their graceful appearance. Your entire home space gains an enchanting statement when the carpet gets installed as the softest and the coziest floor covering and it is done by measure carpet size. No matter if you are installing it in your living area or in your bedroom, it’s gonna give your living place an adorable look.

Carpets are now becoming much trendy in the market of floor coverings due to their many incredible features. Carpets provide the safest spot to you and especially to your kids so that they won’t get injured while playing.

Along with the perk of adding warmth to your living place, its soft and cozy surface creates a much more comfortable environment, which makes you feel much relaxed. No matter how many perks it has, if you don’t get it in the correct measurements, there will be a waste of your money. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know how exactly they measure carpet size, so that they could perfectly intensify the beauty of your home.

Some Amazing Steps on How to Measure Carpet Size

You should know everything about measuring the carpet for your dearest living place so that you could have a realistic idea of how much carpet is required when you go out for its purchase. The following steps will help you in getting an idea of how exactly the carpet is being measured for any area of your home. If you follow them correctly, then it is guaranteed that you are going to make a perfect purchase for your beautiful living space.

1. Material that You Will Need to Measure Carpet Size

Before you go out purchasing the best carpets for your space, you must measure carpet size, according to your space. For taking the correct measurements, you will need some material. It includes a measuring tape or a laser distance measurer to measure the area in which you want to lay the carpet.

Moreover, it includes a pen, a writing paper, and a calculator. And if you want to sketch the area, then you might need graph paper and a pencil. After getting yourself ready with all these necessary items, you can take the measurements of the area.

2. Measure the Exact Width And Length of Your Room

Measure the Exact Width And Length of Your Room


First thing first, check if your room is simply square or rectangle-shaped, or it is L-shaped. If the room is not L-shaped, then all you have to do is just measure carpet size with the measuring tape or the laser distance measurer, and start measuring the area of the room. If you are having a measuring tape, start from one wall and extend it to the opposite wall. Not down the number on a writing paper. Now, do the same step in the opposite direction, and note the number down.

On the other hand, if the room is L-shaped, then you have to take the measurements, considering it as two rooms. It will then be easy for you to get the wall to wall carpets of correct measurements. The long side of the room is considered as one room, and the short side of it will be considered as another room. Moreover, the measurement area of the closet should be taken separately.

3. Take the Correct Measurements of Middle of the Doorway

Almost every other room has a doorway leading into them. Or, most of them have additional doorways for closets and bathrooms. In that case, you must be sure to take the correct measure carpet size of the doorways, so that when you lodge the home carpets, they could get laid perfectly. Generally, this will add a maximum of 2 to 3 inches to your overall measurements of the room.

Now, let’s take an example if a wall has an entry doorway and a closet doorway. So, if you measure the middle of them. The entry door will give 2 inches as a result, and the closet door gives a result of almost 1,5 inches. As the opposite wall has no door, you have to add a total of 2 inches to the overall measurement of the room.

4. Do the Carpet Measurements for Stairs Correctly

Do the Carpet Measurements for Stairs Correctly


If you want to measure carpet size for an area, have stairs that lead down to the hallway. Then, you have to take the measurements for stairs in a much more careful manner. Because stairs demand some extra consideration. Take the measuring tape and extend it to the opposite wall. Now, again hold the measuring tape around the ledge of the top of the stair, and wrap it all the way, until it touches the back of the stair, below.

Although, the measurements of stair carpets very well depend on some other factors, i.e. the size, shape, and the configuration of stairs, etc. But, if you apply that above-mentioned method properly, you can get the carpet of exact measurements to your stairs.

5. Calculate the Complete Square Footage

When you are done measure carpet size, including the doorways and stairs. Now is the time to calculate the square footage of the carpet. For this sake, simply multiply the width of the room by the length of the room, and not down the total square footage.

It will be better if you add some extra to each piece of the carpet so that you won’t face any difficulty while installing the carpet. That extra piece will get itself adjusted to the areas where the walls are not straight enough and give you safety. An addition of 3 inches to each piece is recommended.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend strictly following these steps, if you want to take the correct measure carpet size for your room. No matter in which shape your room is, these mentioned-above steps will help you in making a purchase on the perfect carpet for your dearest home space.

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