How Long Do Carpets Last?

How Long Do Carpets Last

The choice of carpeting for your home is, no doubt, the perfect one to make. As it entertains you with its many features, it has made itself much appealing in the entire market. Being the coziest floor covering, carpets create a comfortable environment so that you could get relaxed after the hectic routine of your entire day. With that said, nobody wants to remove such a soft floor covering from their home space. But there is a certain time period after which you have to remove or replace it. So, you might be thinking about how long do carpets last, and how much time interval you should replace them.

Don’t you get worried, because here in this article, you will get to know everything about them, i.e. how long do they last, so that you could remove them quickly? Don’t let your carpet bring a flat tone to your dearest home space when it comes to its end. Consider the following points and take the action as fast as you can.

How Long Does An Average Carpet Last?

There is not a specific time period for any carpet to get torn out, whether it’s an average carpet or not, but most of it depends on foot traffic. The higher the foot traffic, the more quickly your carpet will get torn out. In addition, it also depends on the texture and the material of the carpet from which it gets manufactured. For example, if you are having a family with kids and pets, then the chances of its quick wear and tear are much higher. But, if you are not having any kids or pets, then it might last up to 30 years.

Moreover, it also depends on which area of the home you are going to install it. Either it is a high traffic area or a low traffic area. As there is not a specific age limit for carpets, there are some factors through which you can predict that your carpet has come to an end, and now is the time that you should get the installation of a new floor covering. These factors are explained next.

Factors that indicate that Your Carpet Life has Come to An End

There are some factors that indicate that now you should get the carpet installation for a new floor covering in your living place. If you consider these factors and get a quick replacement, your place won’t gain any unworthy look, but it will gain an attractive look in no time.

These are the most common things which usually everyone faces after a certain time period when getting the lodging of carpet done. But, they don’t really know that it means they should remove that old covering and get a new one.

  • When you notice that the fiber of your carpet starts wearing out, and your carpet is getting flattened.
  • If you see any fraying of fiber from the ends of the carpet, get it replaced
  • When the home carpets start losing their color, and if you care about aesthetics, get it changed
  • If you sense the strong odor coming from the caret, it is the biggest sign that you should get a new one.
  • If you see any snagging from some areas of your carpet, better to replace it immediately

Check On Carpet Warranties

Check On Carpet Warranties


Almost every carpet has a warranty to be with you in the long run. Each one has its own different warranty like some have a warranty of 5 years, some have a warranty of 10 years, and others might have a warranty of even 15 years. Any manufacturer won’t give the warranty of carpet which it cannot last, because he doesn’t want to go on loss. As if the carpet got torn out quickly before the warranty time, it will cost them considerable time in setting the warranty claims.

So, it will be better if you make a purchase of luxury carpets that have a long-lasting warranty. Because warranted carpets are usually expected to last longer than the warranty given. Like, if a carpet has a warranty of 5 years, expect it to run with you for over at least 8 years.

Tips to Make your Carpet Run Longer

Although, you can make your wall to wall carpets last longer by following the tips mentioned below. These tips will save your cost which you spend on installing a new carpet, immediately. Because, sometimes, you have the one which you just don’t want to throw away, or get replaced.

For this purpose, here are some amazing tips which help you to have your carpet in every long run with you even after the warranty expires.

  • Do the basic cleaning of your carpet on a regular basis.
  • Treat the stains as quickly as possible
  • Act fast when you see any type of a spill on your beautifully designed carpet
  • Do the deep cleaning of your carpet at least once a month
  • Avail of some professional services at least twice a year

These are some small steps that you should take to increase the lifespan of your carpet.

Final Words

At the end of that article, I really hope that you should know everything that how long do carpets last. And, I highly recommend following the tips so that you could increase the lifespan of your carpet, and let it amplify the beauty of your home decor by its graceful appearance.

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