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Wooden floors come in specific/limited shades and therefore don’t suit some places. Being a leading floor company, Floor Way has introduced various trendy Parquet designs featuring high-quality wooden material. All the patterns go with different interior types and look luxuriously beautiful in any place.

We offer every treatment regarding Parquet Flooring Dubai, including expert installation and floor accessorizing. Our customers always appreciate us for the price structure we demand; our company ensures 100% service quality. Moreover, you can book our service online without spending precious hours visiting our store. Our free floor measurements, catalogs, and sampling service are available to maintain your trust level.

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Order Outstanding Parquet Flooring Dubai Online for your Home

Getting the idea of the digital world, our team understands the difficulty of sparing time from a hectic routine only for visiting a store. For maximum ease, you can get connected with our experts online. Approach us to get free samples and catalogs for our Parquet floor designs at your place.

Choose a design that suits you, or get free consultations from our experts in case of any confusion. Our staff also provides accurate free floor measurements so you can get the required number of wooden planks. We offer every treatment for parquet flooring Dubai with your single online request, from expert flooring installation to customization options in the UAE.

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We Offer Expert Installation Service For Parquet Flooring in Dubai

Talking about Parquet designs of flooring, this is something you create by accurately placing the wooden planks. Creating a floor design with no damage is not a piece of cake; it always requires professionals so potential flaws can be avoided.

Floor Way presents all the parquet patterns and their blends; we expertly install the entire floor with no chance of any mistakes. Moreover, if you buy our Parquet trendy floors, we allow you to choose designs, shades, patterns, wood material (solid and engineered wood), thickness, and floor accessories as per your requirements. On the booking of every parquet service, we offer 10%-15% Discounts in Dubai.

We Are The Best Parquet Wooden Flooring Suppliers

Floor Way ensures 100% quality products and services; with a team of expert interior designers, we have launched so many parquet designs to enhance all the interior modules. We offer a variety of wood materials for parquet designs, e.g., timber, maple, oak, walnut, and engineered wood.

Our appealing parquet flooring Dubai enhances the beauty of your home at affordable prices as well as being a wooden floor, it adds value to the building. Our parquet floor is coated with a protective coat that ensures protection against stains and scratches.

You can book our services online, get every parquet service on one platform, and unlock our amazing flooring deals with your every booking/ purchase. We have a design variety for your homes and offices in accordance with the interior demands.

#1 Flooring Supplier Company in Dubai

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Get our best service in Dubai. Contact us anytime 24/7.

What Shades and Designs Do We Offer For Parquet Flooring Dubai?

We, being a leading flooring brand, presents all the light and dark wooden shades with the parquet design as per the interior decor demands. When we talk about interior demand for shades, our experts always recommend light parquet flooring shades for small areas so the place won’t look congested in accordance with the color wheel’s logic.

Moving forward to the parquet designs discussion, we present Chevron, Mosaic, Herringbone, Bordeaux, Parquet de Versailles, Chantilly, and Basket Weave wooden parquet flooring at very affordable rates for an eye-catching appearance of your place. You can approach us for all flooring services because we ensure 24/7 online availability.

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Amazing Parquet Flooring
Amazing Parquet Flooring Dubai

Reasons For Choosing Our Parquet Treatments in Dubai?

Floor Way is the #1 floor company, especially for parquet wooden floors. The ultimate goal we work on is to provide the best quality floor treatments featuring unique parquet designs with a reasonable price structure in the UAE. Our experts are available all the time, so you can get your bookings fulfilled on time.

From parquet flooring Dubai to their accessories, every product sample is available for free that you can get with a single online request/ call for a quality check. With decades of experience, we are the trendsetters of parquet flooring. We present a variety of parquet designs with a list of shades for different places as per the requirements.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Parquet designs are created with wooden planks; all the designs look tremendously beautiful in homes.

But the recommended advice is to add two or more protective layers for moisture-prone areas such as kitchen floors. Bathrooms are better to be avoided by these floorings as wood can get damaged by continuous water exposure.

Vacuum Cleaning or dry mopping is all that you need in terms of your daily Parquet cleaning routine, and it’s better to go for chemical-less cleaners if your floor’s got a stain.

Chemical-containing cleaners destroy the upper layer of wood, and hence the inner layers get destroyed or swelled even with a little exposure.

Parquet Wooden Floors with protective layers always go well for homes. The protective coats provide enough protection against your pet’s scratch marks and ensure plenty of walking safety.

Moreover, it is important to keep an eye on the material that is used for floor manufacturing to see if it is suitable for your kids; always pick the one that is naturally manufactured and ensure that it does not create any pinching smell or toxic fumes.

Talking about the life span of this floor, the possibility is 10-15 years even with minimal care and maintenance, but by following expert wooden floor maintenance advice, it is seen that it can last longer than twenty years without any trouble to its surface designs.

The recommendable thing is to remove the existing floor before the parquet wooden plank’s installation, but if you are sure that the older/ existing floor is well-leveled and will accept the upcoming floor, then it can be installed over it with no fear.

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Your experts did a great job and generated the most attractive version of my place, like never before! The new flooring seems so warm, pleasant and attractive to look at and it does compliment my home furniture really well, too!


Your parquet treatments are highly recommendable from my side and you guys are doing a great job. All your floor designs are incredibly well-crafted and eye-catching. Best Experience!


Hello! You have flawlessly altered the entire interior appearance of my living room, and the parquet design you have selected is getting appreciation from every visitor. Thank you!