SPC Flooring Dubai; Perfect Floor Treatment

SPC Flooring Dubai is our company’s most durable and high-end floor covering solution. It is one of the unbelievably best ways to treat the floors of your interiors.

This type of floor is a highly dense flooring treatment with perfectly suitable flooring that does the exquisite preservation of your grounds and provides a magnifying, appealing, and cozy surfacing under your feet.

These floors are the best choice if you want a stone or tile-like finish in your homes under a low budget.

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SPC Flooring Dubai – Creatively Crafted From Premium Materials

We have SPC planks built with a premium composition of materials, distinctive patterns, and refined textures to enhance the looks. One fantastic decor creation example is the pairing of SPC Flooring Dubai with Amazing Persian Carpets, which gives your commercial flooring the highest sustainability.

At Floor Way, you can get specialized SPC floors of extraordinary quality made from 100% solid and world-class materials for excellent longevity and inviting looks.

We have a professional team with high-end technical skills that are experts in crafting flooring with innovative features and styles. The best part about having our flooring in your home is that it also comes with soundproofing capabilities.

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Buy High-quality SPC Flooring in Dubai From Us

The typical thickness of our flooring planks is 4 mm. They come with the ideal thickness to provide your feet with perfect and prolonged comfort. The width of these planks is 48 inches and SPC flooring Dubai planks have a standard length of 60 inches, according to modern trends.

Our versatile SPC floor is resistant to water and offers excellent insulation to your home and offices. When you shop for this luxury flooring from us, you’ll get the maximum benefits because it is impact resistant and can also absorb the shock of the sudden dropping of weight, such as heavy equipment.

SPC Floor Makes All Floors Look Stunning

We bring you the supreme SPC Flooring with our significant uniqueness to instantly boost the looks of your whole place. This type of flooring looks good with home carpets. This seamless flooring treatment comes at an affordable price, and its installation is effortless. SPC flooring Dubai is meant to serve you for a long period as well.

This type of flooring is the most alluring ornamentation providing your home with a timeless upgrade. You can get your floors spruced up with the attractive textures and patterns of our flooring. These floors are not only perfect for home upgradation but also a way to give a sophisticated touch to your place.

Expert Flooring Company in Dubai

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Extraordinary Features Of Our SPC Flooring Dubai

  • Our flooring in UAE is available in infinite shades, layouts, and textures.
  • You can make your home appealing and also make it warmer and cozier.
  • This high-quality flooring is perfectly dent, scratch, and scuff-resistant.
  • Our SPC flooring Dubai is free from formaldehyde and VOCs.
  • It comes with a 100% waterproof profile, thus an excellent choice for the kitchen and other moisture-prone areas.
  • This Flooring is majorly durable.
  • It does not require as much maintenance as other floor covering solutions.
SPC flooring Dubai
Best Quality SPC flooring

SPC Floors Dubai Can Furnish Your Various Places

Being durable and waterproof, Dubai SPC floors are ideal for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies. You can also install this flooring in places like living rooms, kitchen diners, drawing rooms, hallways, and stairs with high foot traffic.

Besides residential usage, SPC flooring Dubai can also be installed in commercial areas such as hotels, cafes, offices, conference halls, hospitals, and auditoriums.

If you are seeking a partner to install SPC floors in your domestic and commercial settings perfectly, we send our proficient yet qualified team to visit the installation. After the complete inspection and measurement, they provide you with a reliable installation.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

SPC floor covering is highly resistant to wear, but it cannot stand scratches and can get easily damaged. Because it has a thin decorative film over its surface, which adds glamor to your entire area, thus it is not as good resistant to scratches as laminate flooring is.

According to our experts, SPC flooring can be installed in some outdoor settings but is not recommended for areas that are exposed to intense atmospheric damage. However, you can install this excellent flooring solution in your indoor environment.

Yes, SPC floors are perfectly resistant to water and are manufactured to fit into areas that are highly prone to moisture or heavy pressure of water. You can easily install them in your bathrooms, kitchens, and basement areas, and they will surely run for a longer period.

Most of the time, SPC flooring gets installed over the existing hardwood floorings, ensuring a smooth surface under your feet and saving you the money which most homeowners spend on the removal of the existing floor and then the purchase of a new subfloor.

For the proper cleaning of SPC flooring, it is recommended to always use a vacuum with a beater bar. Other than this, you can use a dry mop and make sure you clean it at least two times in a week so that it always looks in the best condition.