Bored Of Your Dull Floors? Buy Our SPC Flooring Dubai

Our SPC flooring in Dubai transforms the look of your ordinary floor into an adorable one. We make your investment worthy with our elegant SPC floor designs.

SPC Flooring Dubai

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Add Valuable Features To Your Place With Our SPC Flooring

We are offering SPC flooring Dubai for your place with astonishing characteristics. Our SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is a better option to make your place vibrant and preferable for its durability and persistence. SPC is a type of vinyl flooring which makes it water resistant.

Resistant to Scratches

Resistant to Scratches

The wood-like texture of our flooring makes it scratch-proof, so it is highly recommendable if you have children and pets.

Stains Repellent

Stains Repellent

The shiny appearance of our SPC Flooring makes it resistant to stains, which gives a very clean and luxurious look.

Luxury SPC Flooring Dubai


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Successful projects


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Have a Glimpse of Our Previous Projects

You can have a view of some of our successful SPC flooring Dubai projects in commercial offices as well as residential places.

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Make Your Floor Appealing with Our SPC Flooring in Dubai

Explore Different Types of Our SPC Flooring Dubai

We make various types of SPC wooden flooring to give you multiple options in the selection of flooring according to the etiquette and theme of your space. Following are the types of Our SPC flooring that offer an enchanting look to your bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and outdoors:

SPC Tile Flooring is perfect for areas with excessive moisture and dampness.

SPC Sheet flooring that will be suitable for your bedrooms and living areas.

SPC Plank Flooring will help give your offices a formal and adorable look.

Classic Spc Flooring Dubai
Best SPC Flooring Dubai

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SPC Flooring in Dubai
SPc Flooring

Hire Our Experienced Team for Seamless SPC Floor Installation

Floorway provides you with the installation services of SPC flooring in Dubai at your doorstep. Hire our experienced Staff and install all kinds of SPC floors efficiently. Our Staff is skilled with all the expertise and equipment knowledge required to install SPC flooring. They professionally deal with any complications during installation, ensuring flawless surface.

Professional Behavior

All of our staff install your floors professionally. You will see friendly behavior from their side, guiding you about cleaning.



We offer a budget-friendly installation for the SPC flooring in Dubai that enhances the luxury and beauty of your place at cheaper rates.

Spc Flooring

Why Choose Us for SPC Flooring?

Floorway is a well-known SPC flooring company in Dubai, and we are known for our promising quality.

The durability and efficiency of our products make us different from the rest of the market. Our SPC flooring Dubai enhances the inviting and decent look of your space.

We provide personalized SPC floor designs because customer satisfaction is our foremost responsibility.

Our quick delivery and installation services will make you see project completion within days.

We have many modern designs and textures in our SPC flooring collection for your modern interior.

SPC Floor Dubai


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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

SPC floor covering is highly resistant to wear, but it cannot stand scratches and can get easily damaged. Because it has a thin decorative film over its surface, which adds glamor to your entire area, thus it is not as good resistant to scratches as laminate flooring is.

According to our experts, SPC flooring can be installed in some outdoor settings but is not recommended for areas that are exposed to intense atmospheric damage. However, you can install this excellent flooring solution in your indoor environment.

Yes, SPC floors are perfectly resistant to water and are manufactured to fit into areas that are highly prone to moisture or heavy pressure of water.

You can easily install them in your bathrooms, kitchens, and basement areas, and they will surely run for a longer period.

Most of the time, SPC flooring gets installed over the existing hardwood floorings, ensuring a smooth surface under your feet and saving you the money which most homeowners spend on the removal of the existing floor and then the purchase of a new subfloor.

For the proper cleaning of SPC flooring, it is recommended to always use a vacuum with a beater bar.

Other than this, you can use a dry mop and make sure you clean it at least two times in a week so that it always looks in the best condition.