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The Best Quality Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai For Your Homes

Compared to any other Vinyl Floor in Dubai type, Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai (LVT) has now become the most trendy and cozy floor choice for people because of its matchless and endless properties. These vinyl tiles come with distinctive advantages and aesthetics as well. 

It is a convenient tiles option as it provides you with ease of installation and also low-cost maintenance. Our luxury vinyl tiles give you the perfect and mesmerizing visuals with the functionality of bearing high foot traffic and having no kind of trouble.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai

Amazing Composition Of Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai manufactures the luxury vinyl tiles in the form of sheets of high quality, then cuts them down in the shape of planks and tiles with standard sizes. This sort of  Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai possesses different layers that ensure the perfect stability of these floors. 

After cutting this luxury flooring into sheets and tiles, the vinyl powder is then heated and rolled flat by using rollers. We cut it into different shapes once it comes out from the roller. 

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles Will Make Your Floor Alive!

These vinyl composite tiles have a thickness of 6.5mm and their width is about  300mm. The length of our Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai is 600mm long.

If it comes to the dimensions of the product, then the measurements will be 6.5mm thick (5mm plank + 1.5mm IXEP backing) x 300mm wide x 600mm long. The thickness of the top layer of our luxury tiles is about 0.5 mm.  

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Offer You a Cheap Floor Ornamentation

Being the top-notch supplier of Luxury Vinyl Tiles, 100% customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. So, for this purpose, we offer the most competitive rates from the entire market in Dubai and the whole UAE.

Besides different earth-shattering occasional discounts, our company offers regular discounts as well to facilitate the clients. We get the best and affordable prices for our high-quality vinyl plank flooring.

Plus Points Of Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles Over Other Floor Options

These vinyl tiles have features that are of functional importance and no one can deny these as well. Some of the most striking salient features of luxury vinyl tiles Dubai are:

  • It requires low maintenance and is scratch-resistant.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles are totally environment-friendly and you can use luxury carpets on it.
  • These tiles are waterproof and can be cleaned easily.
  • It shows resistance to oil, stains, and fire as well.
  • Equipped with anti-microbial technology to make the environment hygienic.
  • Perfectly reduces the sound.
  • LVT is versatile that comes with a lot of options to choose from.
#1 Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Installation In Dubai

These Luxury tiles are perfect for places that have high foot traffic. You can install them in the hallways, living rooms, stairs, and other high traffic areas in your residential or domestic places.

When it comes to commercial places, then luxury vinyl tiles Dubai can be installed in the offices, meeting halls, restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, etc. Because of their insane sustainability, they are the best floors to opt for. 

Best Luxury Vinyl Tiles Dubai

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