Make Your Interior Most Appealing with Sisal Carpets Dubai 

If you are looking for an outstanding and elegant floor covering that will add to the beauty of your interiors, then give our sisal carpets Dubai a shot.

We provide you with our quality sisal-made carpets, an excellent solution to spice up your floors according to your aesthetic requirements and desired functional approach.

With a fiber diameter of around 0.4 to 0.8 millimeters, these carpets will provide a rugged texture and make your place more welcoming and visually appealing. So why are you still waiting? Order our aesthetic sisal floor covering to beautify your interior.

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We Use 100% Eco-Friendly Material To Design Our Sisal Carpets

Our sisal carpets in Dubai are manufactured from Agave Sisalana plant fibers. It ensures durability and provides a completely natural design approach. Additionally, we use water-based adhesives. The reason is that they have approximately 45% less VOC rate than solvent-based adhesives.

We use recycled products as a priority. Ultimately, we use rubber for its backing to maintain the sustainability of the environment. For the staining of sisal rugs and carpet fiber, we use plant-based natural dyes. These dyes come from turmeric, indigo, and beetroot.

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Customize Your Sisal Carpet in Dubai By Floor Way 

If you want something exceptional to perk up your decor, then you can customize the sisal wall to wall carpet according to your preferences.

We allow our clients to choose the size, shape, pile height, backing materials, binding options, and colors of sisal carpets Dubai that will perfectly contrast with the interior.

Besides all that, we take very minimal time to customize sisal floor covering. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide free consultation sessions to our customers during the customization.

Explore Types of Sisal Carpets At Our Store 

We have various types of sisal carpets at our shop. Have a look at them:

  • Herringbone: With a pile height of 0.4 inches, herringbone sisal carpets provide resistance and comfort simultaneously.
  • Sisal Carpet With Border: Our carpet with border offers a density of 5000 fiber per square, making it ideal for high-traffic areas without wear and tear.
  • Plain Weave: The plain weave sisal carpet in Dubai will not provide an appealing design but will last for over 20 years without fading.
  • Wool Blend: We blend 80% wool with 20% sisal to provide plush comfort and beautify your living spaces with these carpets.

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Get our best service in Dubai. Contact us anytime 24/7.

Benefits of Using Our Sisal Carpets

Our extraordinary sisal carpets Dubai offer countless benefits, some of which are given below:

  • Our carpets are heavy-duty and robust, able to withstand weights of up to 300 kilograms per square meter
  • These carpets at our store are durable, featuring 30 loops per inch density.
  • Our sisal carpets come in distinctive tan, beige, and natural shades of cream or white.
  • These non-toxic carpets improve air quality by filtering particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers, ideal for allergies and asthma.
  • Regular vacuuming can help it stay in good shape for over 15 years.
  • Our sisal floor coverings are stain-resistant and require only 10 minutes to clean.

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Stunning Sisal Carpets Dubai
Top Quality Sisal Carpets Dubai

Get Your Sisal Carpet Installed Within 3 Hours

We are proficient and skilled in installing sisal carpets on every type of floor. Additionally, we have all the tools like seam tape, seaming iron, knee pads, chalk line, measuring tape, staple gun, carpet tucker, and carpet cutter required for hassle-free sisal carpet installation in Dubai.

Furthermore, we use different innovative techniques to install sisal floor coverings like loose lay, double-glue, direct glue-down, and stretch-in installation according to the floor requirement. Besides all that, we charge very minimally for our quick and precise installation.

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Why Choose Floor Way For Sisal Carpet? 

We at Floor Way have been top-notch carpet providers of sisal carpets online in Dubai for many years. Our exclusive products and services have helped us earn our name as the top seller in the Al Quoz market.

  • We provide durable carpets with premium quality.
  • Different festive discounts are available to the clients.
  • Our clients can get a free quotation for their carpet type.
  • You can also adorn your places with our customizable options.
  • Get a free measurement before ordering sisal carpets Dubai from us.
  • We provide a fast delivery and speedy installation of sisal carpets.
Sisal Carpet

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

These carpets come up with the perfect and most mesmerizing visuals and aesthetics to get thoroughly mixed up with your already present interior decor. So they are the best choice to go to.

Yes, you can get the customizations of your sisal carpets just according to your requirements and needs.

From choosing fabrics to coloring and textures, you can customize it all the way as per your taste.

These carpets are the best for all floors because of their insane durability features. They perform best in high foot traffic areas. They have the perfect quality to withstand insane wear and tear as well.

These carpets have an incredible perk up that they are prone to many moistures and humid conditions. Because of their water resistance, they can be used in almost all types of places.

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Let’s See What Our Customers Say

I’ve had a couple of bad stair carpeting experiences in the past and was quite annoyed with stair carpets wearing out ahead of time. However, Sisal Carpet Dubai by Floor Way proved me wrong as this carpeting has been hugely beneficial for me in the form of my staircase covering. I don’t have to be concerned about the safety of my young ones anymore and am very glad to have found such a value-for-money product!


Had their sisal rugs placed in my kitchen and dining room and this has been my first experience of placing a carpeting in such moisture-prone areas. The rugs are incredibly water-resistant, don’t produce any nasty odors and I don’t have to care for them excessively, as well. Great Shopping Experience So Far!


I was desperately in search of a low-maintenance floor covering solution and got lucky enough to come across Floor Way. Their classy collection of Sisal floor carpets was totally eye-catching and their experts helped me select a perfect piece. Now I enjoy a great soft flooring without a lot of upkeep.