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Enjoy the Lasting Floor Comfort with Our Wall to Wall Carpets

Floorway offers wall to wall carpets Dubai for your place with amazing features. They help to create safe surfaces for pets, kids’ playing, crawling, and many other activities. Their resistivity from all kinds of damage, crushing, and staining makes them durable for extended periods. Our wall to wall floor carpets are also the best moisture absorbent.

Noise Absorption

Noise Absorption

Our top-quality carpets are the best noise absorbers that reduce noise in your home and create a peaceful and soothing environment.



We provide wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai with insulation features that absorb heat and cold and maintain your place temperature.

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Luxury Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai
Wall to wall carpets Dubai
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Add Elegance to Your Place Today With Our Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Get Custom-Made Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai From Floor Way

Customers usually prefer custom wall to wall carpets Dubai. As for customer satisfaction, we offer wide customization options that align well with their personal design choices. It will give your place a unique and personalized appearance.

You can customize carpets with different colors, textures, patterns and colors.

Alterations in sizes and shapes will also be provided with perfection.

Customizing the thickness of carpet fibers is also possible if you want.

#1 Wall to Wall Carpet
Wall to Wall Carpet

Enhance the Look of your Place with our Luxury Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Carpet Dubai
Wall to Wall Carpet

Hire Our Professional Team For Flawless Carpet Installation

You can add perfection and coziness to your place by hiring our experienced professionals. They initiate the procedure with proper measurements and install these luxury home carpets with the latest tools and equipment. They are skilled with the latest techniques for the finest makeover of your place. Proficient installation from our team of experts will convert your ugly and damaged floor into a glamorous and comfortable floor.

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

We provide cost-effective and budget-friendly installation services for carpets in your place.

Perfect Installation

Perfect Installation

Our experts ensure that carpets are installed perfectly without damaging the padding and surface of carpets.

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Why Choose Us?

Floorway is the name of the trusted and finest wall to wall carpets Dubai company, offering a great variety of carpets for every space.

“The versatility and efficiency of our adorable carpets offer a comfortable underfoot experience in places like homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and many more excessive foot traffic places.”

Our carpets are made up of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

We also provide you with a free sample of our wall-to-wall carpets.

Our carpets are easy to clean and require less maintenance.

wall to wall carpets in Dubai

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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Wall-to-wall carpets are made from different types of materials; hence, their lifetime differs. However, the average lifespan of these carpets in your homes with normal use can be from 8-10 years.

Wall-to-wall carpets prices can vary with the type of carpet, room dimensions, and carpet style. It also depends on the retailer you choose to buy or install these carpets. However, the overall cost can be more than the usual carpeting solutions.

The best way to clean these carpets is to use effective commercial cleaners and shampoo the carpets at least once a year.

Besides using carpet cleaners, vacuuming, and steam cleaning is the best method to clean these carpets.

Wall-to-wall carpets can trap more dirt and dust than other carpet types.

However, frequent regular maintenance and vacuuming of the carpets can be healthier for the environment. These carpets may not be the ideal choice for people with asthma.