How Long Does it Take to Sand Hardwood Floors?

How Long Does it Take to Sand Hardwood Floors

Among all the flooring options available, hardwood flooring is the top choice of everyone out there. Highly durable hardwood flooring gives an elegant look and makes your entire space look adorable. In order to increase its lifespan so that you could have it in the long run with you, you might have to get it refinished or re-coated at least once in 3-5 years or 8-12 years.

While getting it refinished, a sanding process is done, which most people probably do when the floor gets scratched. With that said, sanding a floor is a professional’s task, but it costs you a lot, so you probably might want to do this process on your own. For this sake, the first thing that might come to your mind is how long does it take to sand hardwood flooring because, obviously, you have so many things else to do in your daily life.

Well, it is not exactly given anywhere how much time this wooden flooring will take, but in this article, you will get to know some steps regarding sanding hardwood flooring, so that you could have an idea about how long this task takes.

Steps Regarding How to Sand Hardwood Floor

No doubt, sanding a hardwood floor can only be done by a professional, perfectly. Although you can do it by yourself to save a lot of money, it will require a lot of your time. If you are okay to devote your most time to it while saving money, it is totally okay. But, if you get it done by the professionals, it will take only a few hours to get done.

And, you will have your beautifully designed hardwood flooring in a brand new look, once again. Following are some steps of sanding the hardwood flooring through which you probably might get the idea about how long does it take to sand hardwood floors, if you are going to do it on your own.

1. Get Your Floor Prepared for Sanding Process

Get Your Floor Prepared for Sanding Process

First thing first, before you start doing the sanding process on your hardwood vinyl flooring. It is mandatory to get your floor prepared for it. So that the task will become much easier for you to get done. For the preparation of the floor, all you need to do is move all the furniture out of the room. Remove all the baseboards.

Moreover, you have to remove every shoe molding, floorboard, or tack strip, if any. In short, there should be no hindrance. The floor must be clear enough to get sanded smoothly and easily. When your floor gets free from all the items, then you can start the sanding process, either by yourself or by availing of professional services.


2. Start Sanding the Floor, Roughly

After getting your floor prepared, start the sanding process. For the completion of this task, you will need a drum sander or a belt sander. You can get it on rent from any shop having construction items. Fill the drum with sand and some water and give it a good mix. Now start laying the layer of sand over the floor in an appropriate way.

Sand your hardwood laminate flooring along the grain of the wood in such a way that there should be no dust, and all the scratches or dents get fulfilled if any. Make sure the sander will sand the entire floor, leaving no area of it so that you will get a smooth and even surface.

3. Cover the Edges with Sand


In order to cover the edges with sand, you will need an edger. You can get this edger, too, on rent, from any home improvement shop. Now, sand the edges of your hardwood flooring properly. Again, make sure that there will be no area left without being sanded.

Because, after getting your floor roughly sanded, you have to make it smooth and even enough. Therefore, it is necessary that you check there is no spot left being unsanded.

Cover the Edges with Sand


4. Make Your Floor Even And Smooth

When you are done applying a rough layer of a sand mixture through a sander on your amazing flooring. It is time to make it even or smooth. For this purpose, here you will need a floor buffer which can also be rented from the same home improvement shop having such construction items. Use that floor buffer or screener and give it a go on your floor.

You might need to repeat this step so that your flooring could get smooth enough. Repeating this step will ensure that all the scratches or dents are being leveled up, and your entire floor is now even. Hence, you can get your floor sanded by following these steps in an appropriate manner.

5. Clear All the Mess Up

Now, you are done with the sanding process, your floor will take some time to get dry. After that, clear all the mess up which has been created during this process. Now, reinstall the floorboards, shoe moldings, and move all the furniture in, again, to your space. And allow your dearest home place to gain an attractive look by the beautiful grace and charm of the floor.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I really hope that now you have a clear idea about how long does it take to sand hardwood floors. Although these were some basic steps to san your flooring, it is always better to get it done by professionals.

As they take much less time in the completion of this task, and make your floor smooth and even enough. However, if you are still willing to do this entire process on your own, then you must now have an idea of how much time it will take.

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