How Long Do Vinyl Floors Last?

How Long Do Vinyl Floors Last

Flooring enhances the beauty of your home decor by adding a touch of style and grace as it is the most fundamental element, making your living place worth appealing. Either you are going to install flooring in your entirely new space or at the existing one while renovating it. You must want to install the one which is sustainable enough to last longer and could, amazingly, add beauty to your space.

With that said, laminate flooring has made itself much more demanding in the entire market due to its sustainability and the feature of adding charm to home decor. Well, being the most elegant flooring, and having the amazing feature of replicating the look of other hard floorings, i.e. wood, tile, stone, it is really affordable.

But, there is a concern, i.e. how long do vinyl floors last, because when you are investing in the flooring, this is the first thing that comes into your head. So, here in this article, we have brought up everything regarding the lifetime of vinyl flooring, so that you could invest accordingly.

The Sustainability of Vinyl Flooring

The Sustainability of Vinyl Flooring

Being a wallet-friendly flooring, it is highly sustainable. You can easily install it in the high-traffic areas, like in your office, or on the commercial level, and it will last long. Generally, this is highly sustainable vinyl flooring is manufactured with many layers, which enhances its durability. Other than this, it is very much dependent on how you keep it. It will be better if you keep it maintained so that it could run longer with you, than the expected lifetime.

Usually, manufacturers give a warranty on this flooring for over 10-15 years, which is great, but with some extra care, you can have it in the long run with you. As it is the softest flooring that you are going to install in your space so it demands care, accordingly.

For example, frequent moving of heavy furniture items can cause dents over its surface. And, once it starts getting wear and tear, it can’t get repaired, and you have to change the entire flooring which means the spending of a lot of money, again, first on the purchasing of it, and then on this flooring installation.

Installation Process Matters in the Lifespan of Vinyl Flooring

Although vinyl flooring is easy to get installed, yet the installation process matters a lot in its lifetime. Therefore, it is recommended to get this very sensitive task down by the professionals. As there will be somehow a clear difference between the installation process of yours and the professionals, so if anything goes wrong when you do it by yourself, there will be a loss of your money and time, as well.

On the other hand, if you get it done by the professionals, it will perfectly fit into your space, making it look more adorable. Because, when the installation gets perfectly done, it will make the flooring run longer, and allow it to intensify the beauty of your room. Especially, if you are going to install this professionally manufactured wooden flooring which can mimic the look of wood, tile, or stone at your office, it will be better if you avail of some professional services.

Consider the Warranties And Quality of Vinyl Flooring

Consider the Warranties And Quality of Vinyl Flooring

Depending upon the quality of vinyl flooring, it comes up with different warranties. Warranty of flooring matters the most. So, it is recommended to go with the highest warranted vinyl floor covering. Because a manufacturer won’t give the warranty on which the floor could not last.

As in that case, the manufacturer has to fulfill the warranty claims. Hence, you can easily expect it to last longer than that like if it comes with a warranty of 10 years, it will last up to at least 12-13 years.

Ideally, the highest warranty of vinyl flooring can go up to 25 years, which means if you keep it maintained properly it will last up to 30 years. Moreover, make sure you are going to make a purchase on quality flooring. The quality of this flooring depends on its thickness.

If it is thick enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic for over 25 years, then just go for it immediately. But, if it is not thick enough, then think for once, and then make a purchase accordingly(i.e. Check if you are going to install it in the high traffic area or low traffic area).

Tips to Maintain the Vinyl Flooring to Make it Run Longer

If you want your vinyl flooring to run longer with you, then it will be better if you follow the tips mentioned below in an appropriate way. These amazing tips will help you to increase the lifespan of your endearing floor covering, which amplifies the beauty of your home decor by its graceful appearance. These are the finest tips and are highly recommended to get applied.

  • Avoid using the chemical cleaner over its soft surface, they might get it damaged
  • Do the cleaning of your vinyl flooring every day
  • Treat the stains as quickly as possible to maintain the sparkle of the flooring
  • Remove the spills immediately when you notice
  • Avoid the moving of heavy furniture items over its surface to protect it from permanent indentations
  • It will be better if you place some area rugs over it to give a more stylish to your space, and to increase the lifespan of your floor, somehow

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I hope that you know everything about the durability of vinyl flooring which you might need to know. Now, it is safe to say that you are going to make a quality purchase on it. And, apply those tips to increase the lifetime of this elegant and professionally manufactured vinyl flooring to give your space an aesthetic look.

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