How to Clean A Sticky Tile Floor?

How to Clean A Sticky Tile Floor

Generally, people like to install tile flooring in their home space. Because the shine of the tile makes the entire space look adorable. Sticky Tile floor obviously demands proper cleaning. Otherwise, it starts to give a flat tone to your home space, making it look unworthy. Although, its cleaning process is not tricky. A basic cleaning on a daily basis is enough to keep your tile floor covering looking fresh and not let the sparkle of tile get dull.

People use different cleaning agents while doing the mopping of the floor. Sometimes, you might get your floor sticky while having a walk on it. It might get you irritated. That stickiness doesn’t go even after you sweep and mop the area in a proper way. Well, this may be due to those cleaning agents. Well, don’t you get worried, because here in this article, you will get to know everything, i.e. reasons and the solutions about how to clean your tile flooring properly in order to get rid of that stickiness.

Reasons And Solutions of How to Clean a Sticky Tile Floor

Following are the most effective tips which will help you out in getting rid of that sticky floor. Apply those tips properly while cleaning your sticky tile floor and get this hospital flooring back to its original condition when you feel much relaxed while walking over it. There are the reasons well-explained for that stickiness, which you should avoid while cleaning, and the solution to remove that stickiness from the floor covering.

1. Stop Using the Wrong Cleaning Agent

Stop Using the Wrong Cleaning Agent

If your floor is getting sticky even after you have done the proper cleaning. Then, you must be using the wrong cleaning agent in the cleaning process of your cork flooring, which is making it sticky. Therefore, it is always recommended to use only those chemical agents which are recommended by the floor covering manufacturers. Now, stop using all the cleaning agents and move toward either the homemade cleaning solution, i.e. solution of vinegar and water. Or, start using only those special cleaning detergents which are recommended by the manufacturers.

Another reason can be the removal of that salt residue from the floor. The remains of it on the sticky tile floor can make it sticky. For that case, a different cleaning agent is used. But, the problem is pH in both cases. Therefore, it will be better if you go for a neutralizer to solve the problem.

2. Dirty Water Can be Another Problem

Dirty Water Can be Another Problem

Dirty water is another biggest reason for that stickiness on the surface of your beautifully designed terrazzo flooring. So, when you do the mopping process, avoid using dirty water. When the water starts getting deity, change it immediately. Always use a bucket of clean water and then do the mopping process. Otherwise, it will give rise to that stickiness.

And your tile floor will remain sticky even after getting properly cleaned with suitable cleaning agents. Moreover, that dirty water can leave stains on your sticky tile floor which obviously gonna make your floor look trashy. Use a clean microfiber cloth while cleaning and change the water frequently. Or, use scrubbing machines on the floor rather than mopping.

3. Using Wrong Quantity of the Chemical Solutions

Using Wrong Quantity of the Chemical Solutions

One of the main reasons can be the use of the wrong proportion of chemical solutions. Because the quantity of those chemical solutions matters a lot in the cleaning process of any floor covering. Stop using that cleaning solution in large amounts, thinking that it might clean the floor in a better way. Well, this is not a very good approach to clean the floor using them in such a large amount.

The best approach is to use the solution of vinegar and water to clean your floor covering in the best possible way. Or, if you still want to use the chemical agents, then use them in an accurate amount for the 100% results. Using them in large quantities will not give the results better than that. But, it will make your floor sticky. It will be better if you mix them with the water and then do the cleaning process. It will remove the stickiness and make your sticky tile floor look neat and clean.

4. Get the Floor Steam Mopped to Remove the Stickiness

Get the Floor Steam Mopped to Remove the Stickiness

Steam mopping is an ideal solution to get any flooring neat and clean. The best thing about that type of mopping is that it is much effective for sticky materials. Therefore, it’s being the best solution to get you rid of the sticky floor. As steam is the best cleaner in the form of vapors. Thus, the steam coming out of it breaks down the soil residue and helps to remove any stickiness from the floor.

Moreover, coming in the portable form has made the task much easier. Now it comes up with the mop head through which you can easily get the task done in no time, getting your floor back to life. In addition, the surface of your tile flooring will also get sanitized through this process.

To Sum Up

In the end, I really hope that now you know what are the reasons for that stickiness and why your sticky tile floor is getting so much sticky. Also, the solutions are well-explained here, so now it is safe to say that you can easily get your floor in the fresh;y installed look by getting rid of that stickiness. I will highly recommend using steam mopping as it is the most effective to get your tile floor neat and clean, thus allowing it to add charm to your living space.

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