How Long Do Laminate Floors Last?

How Long Do Laminate Floors Last

Flooring is, no doubt, a crucial element in any home decor. It holds its own significance and makes your living space look more adorable by its graceful appearance. Most people want to install the most durable flooring, obviously, in their home, which could last longer with them. And, most people look out for flooring that could give their home space an aesthetic look and is available at a cheap price. With that said, laminate flooring fulfills all these desires, i.e. highly durable, inexpensive, and could give an attractive look to your dearest home.

Having so many perks and coming up at a cheap price, there is a frequently asked question about this beautifully designed laminate flooring, i.e. how long do laminate floors last exactly. So, here in this article, you will get to know everything about its durability. So that, you could make a standard choice, and give your home space an enchanting statement.

The Durability of Laminate Flooring

Talking about the durability of laminate flooring. Well, it is very much dependent on the quality of it. If you install premium-quality laminate flooring, it could last longer than an average flooring, i.e. for 10 years or more, if taken care of properly. Moreover, it also depends on its thickness. Because laminate flooring is manufactured by compressing many layers so that it could mimic the look of hardwood flooring.

So, if your flooring is thicker, it means it is going to last longer. After that, the durability of this attractive flooring very much depends on the installation process. If the installation is done by the professionals in a proper way, it could last much longer than 10 years. Or, if the installation process is not done properly, it can cause the flooring to get buckled up, or to get warped, which ultimately means a significant decrement in its lifespan.

Protect Your Beautifully Designed Laminate Flooring

Protect Your Beautifully Designed Laminate Flooring



This elegant and stylish vinyl flooring gives a perfect look of real hardwood flooring, making it difficult to differentiate that either it is real hardwood or the laminate, it has made itself much appealing in the market. Although it is much more demanding, it demands some extra care if you want to keep it with you in the very long run. It will be better if you lay some area rugs over its surface so that it gets some protection, i.e. from the sunlight so that no discoloration happens.

Moreover, protect it from high foot traffic. It is recommended to install it in low-traffic areas to increase this wooden flooring lifespan. But still, it is noticed that in high-traffic areas, this worth of appealing flooring could last at least for 10 years. And, if it gets installed in low-traffic areas, it could last much longer than that, i.e. for over 25 years.

Some Amazing Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Laminate Flooring

After knowing all the aspects of it regarding durability, here are some incredible tips which are very helpful, and will amazingly increase the lifespan of your laminate flooring, if applied properly. Follow these mentioned tips below and keep your flooring with you as much longer as you want to.

  • Try to lay premium quality area rugs over the laminate flooring on high foot traffic areas
  • Avoid the frequent moving in and out of the furniture so that it could not get any dents
  • Do the basic cleaning on a regular basis
  • Treat the stains immediately
  • As fast as when you notice the spill of anything
  • It will be better if you lay the water-proof laminate flooring on the moisture-prone areas, i.e. kitchen and bathrooms

Apply these tips and give an increment to the age limit of that endearing floor covering lodged in your living space. The neat and clean flooring always creates a welcoming environment, and this flooring when cleaned will give your dearest home a modernized look by its charm and grace.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I hope now you know everything regarding the durability of laminate flooring. After having an idea about how long do laminate floors last, it is safe to say that you are now going to make a standard choice. Also, if you follow those given tips appropriately, you can enhance its lifetime, even if it is installed in high-traffic areas.

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