How Long Does Engineered Hardwood Floors Last?

How Long Does Engineered Hardwood Floors Last

If you are renovating your house or going to install a floor covering in an entirely new space, then you must be thinking of getting the hardwood flooring installed. As it is the top choice of most people, because of its elegance and the aesthetic look it gives.

Not only does engineered hardwood floors make your living space worth appealing, but it keeps running with you for a very long time because of their high durability. Talking about hardwood flooring, it’s one variant, i.e. engineered hardwood flooring is becoming much more trending nowadays.

No doubt, hardwood flooring is very expensive so you must be wondering how long those engineered hardwood flooring last. So that, you could have a clear idea of whether you are going to invest in the right thing or not. With that said, here in this article, you will get to know everything about the durability of engineered wood floors.

The Longevity of Engineered Hardwood Floors

An engineered hardwood floor is much more expensive than this vinyl flooring or laminate flooring. Thus, it entertains you with its higher durability, accordingly. Unlike other floorings, engineered hardwood floor covering doesn’t require any replacement or removal after a certain period of time if taken care of properly. When you give them some extra care, they will last for decades. In this way, your investment gets secured for a very long time.

Generally, these engineered hardwood floors are manufactured by plywood, HDF, and softwood, combined in a layer of hardwood, which, of course, enhances its durability. In addition, its lifespan mostly depends on the flooring installation process.

If the installation is done properly by the professionals, then you can expect that flooring to last much longer. The only thing which it requires is refinishing or re-coating so that it won’t lose its sparkle and continue adding more charm to your home decor beauty.

Get the Refinishing or Recoating of Engineered Hardwood Floors

Refinishing or Recoating of Engineered Hardwood Floors


Just like real hardwood flooring, engineered wooden flooring does require the refinishing or re-coating of its surface to maintain its sparkle and grace. Although they both require a lot of money, it is worth it as they make your flooring look brand new, and won’t let you get it replaced or removed with any new floor covering. Recoating is comparatively less expensive than the refinishing process.

You need to get engineered hardwood floors re-coated at least once in 3-5 years, and it will be enough as it will reduce the chances of getting the refinishing process done of this highly durable floor covering. After that, you will need to get it refinished once at least 8-12 years, even if it is installed in a high-traffic area. Although refinishing is an expensive and deeper process yet it makes your floor feel freshly installed

Make Your Engineered Hardwood Floor Look Like Brand New

Make Your Engineered Hardwood Floor Look Like Brand New


When you get your floor refinished or re-coated, it starts giving a look at the newly installed floor covering. It will continue to add charm to your entire home decor with its sparkle and elegance. If you don’t want to invest in its refinishing or re-coating process, it’s totally fine, but then it won’t last for decades with you.

Being highly durable flooring, it won’t get worn and torn easily, but after a certain period of time, your living place will start gaining an unworthy look.

The elegance and a touch of style that your space gains are because of engineered hardwood floors shining surface, and when it doesn’t get any re-coating or refinishing, it will start losing its shine and give your space a flat tone. Therefore, the people who care for the aesthetic look of their space should get their engineered hardwood floor re-coated at least once in 3-5 years or refinished at least once in 8-12 years.

Maintain Your Engineered Hardwood Flooring to Increase its Longevity

If you cannot afford the refinishing or re-coating of your engineered hardwood floor in 3-5 years or even in 8-12 years, yet want to increase its lifespan. In that case, here are some tips which are very helpful and entertain you with a significant increment. Follow these tips properly, and let your floor intensify the beauty of your space with its elegance.

  • Do the proper cleaning of your engineered hardwood floors, i.e. vacuuming for mopping on a regular basis to maintain its charm
  • Remove the spills immediately
  • Treat the stain as fast as you can(better to use the home pantry things)
  • Avoid the use of toxic chemical detergents while cleaning
  • Try to do the deep cleaning at least once a week, if it is installed in a high traffic area.

These amazing tips will bring your floor back to its original condition if followed properly, and won’t let your space gain an unworthy look, easily. Maintain the sparkle of your beautifully and professionally designed engineered hardwood flooring by aping these incredible tips.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend getting your engineered hardwood floors refinished or re-coated at least once in 3-5 years or 8-12 years so that they won’t lose their grace. Also, it will be better if you apply those above-mentioned tips to increase the lifetime of that floor covering. In this way, your space will always look adorable and worth appealing.

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