How Many Boxes of Flooring Do I Need?

How Many Boxes of Flooring Do I Need

Either you are going to install the flooring in an entirely new space, or you are going to replace it with the already existing one. You must want flooring that is durable enough, of course, and you could get that at a very affordable price. For that sake, people usually go for the laminate flooring, because it is durable, and is scratch resistant. Also, it is much wallet-friendly, thus giving your house an attractive look at an affordable price.

Before installation, you might be concerned about how many boxes of flooring do you need so that your entire space could gain an enchanting statement. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know some important points, through which you could have a clear idea about how many boxes of it you might need to cover your entire living space.

Some Important Tips Regarding How Many Boxes of Flooring Do I Need

Following are some amazing tips that might help you to calculate the exact number of boxes that you might need to cover the entire floor of your dearest home. Calculating the number of boxes is not a difficult task to do, just follow the given tips, and you are good to go to make a purchase on the boxes of laminate flooring to get installed in your living place.

1. Consider the Amount of Flooring Per Box

First thing first, you must know how much laminate flooring one box contains. Because laminate flooring always comes up in the standard amount so that you could easily get the needed amount of flooring to install in your area. Well, mostly, standard boxes of flooring can cover up to an area of almost 30 square feet

If you are not sure about that, you could ask for a professional to guide you. In this way, you could have an idea about how much flooring one box contains. Because you might then need that, accordingly.

Consider the Amount of Flooring Per Box


2. Get the Measurements of the Space Accordingly

In the very next step, you have to get the measurements of the space in which you want to install the luxury flooring. Take the width measurements of that area and then measure the length of that area. After that, multiply both the measurements, and you will get the accurate area of your space. Now, you have to get the boxes of flooring according to that calculated area.

For example, if the space is 600 feet, and one box of laminate flooring could cover 30 square feet of an area. Then you have to divide the area of your actual space by the area that flooring could cover, i.e. 600 divided by 30. And that will be the accurate number of laminate flooring boxes, i.e. 20 boxes, that you might need to install the entire space of your dearest home.

3. Add 10% Extra to the Calculated Amount

No matter how much larger or smaller your area is. It is highly recommended to add 10% to the entire calculation so that there shouldn’t be any area left. Although when you install this vinyl flooring, there will be some loss of it, that’s why it is necessary if you get the 10% extra boxes of flooring for your living place to get laid.

In other words, multiply the calculated area of your space by 1.10 to get some extra flooring that might get wasted during the installation procedure. For example, if the area is 600 feet, multiply it first by 1.10, and then the amount which you get in the result, i.e. 660, divide that by the area of space that one box of flooring, i.e. 30 square feet could cover. Now, that is the exact amount of boxes that you have to purchase, i.e. 22 boxes.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I really hope that you might now know what is the exact method to calculate how many boxes of flooring you need to get installed in your space. This is the simplest method which will take hardly 30 minutes of your precious time. And, you can easily get the exact amount of flooring to get laid at your place to make it look adorable.

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