DIY Wooden Flooring Installation: A Step-by-step Tutorial

DIY Wooden Flooring Installation

With the change in everything, most homeowners go for the up-gradation of their living spaces, as well. And the first thing that probably comes to mind is the replacement of their flooring with a new one that can add a magical charm to their area interior. Well, hardwood flooring, in this case, is the first one that people usually like to opt for because of its gorgeous appearance.

With that being said, people hire professionals for wooden flooring installation without knowing that with a bit of patience and effort, they can perform its fitting task themselves. In this blog post, we have brought you a complete installation guide for this wonderful wooden flooring which includes some easy steps and will help you out a lot in the entire fitting process.

Follow These Easy Steps For The Perfect Installation Of Wooden Floor

From which tools and materials you will need for the fitting of a wooden floor in your home, to cleaning and maintaining your floor, this guide has covered everything, making it easy for you to get the floor installed in your space. With this guide, you will be able to perform the perfect wooden flooring installation while saving money on hiring professionals. So, now let’s jump on to our topic and learn to fit the wood floor like a pro.

1. Prepare Yourself With All The Required Material

Prepare Yourself With All The Required Material

The first thing that should be done even before starting the installation process is to gather all the necessary material that is required. The tools and materials that you will use while fitting the wood floor in your space will include underlayment, nails, hammers, wooden planks, adhesive, measuring tape, chalk line, prey bar, and a level.

2. Get Your Subflooring Ready At First

Get Your Subflooring Ready At First

When you get yourself completely ready with all the equipment and material, then the very next step comes the preparation of your subflooring. Your subflooring should be prepared properly to take the wooden flooring installation and to give you an experience of a smooth and comfortable surface.

First, clean out your flooring and get it dried, and then fill up any bumps and holes you may notice and get the entire flooring leveled. If the subflooring will not be leveled, it might affect the appearance and durability of your wooden floor.

3. Measure And Cut The Wooden Planks Carefully

wooden flooring installation


Now, measure the width of your room and then the width of your planks to divide both the numbers and get the number of rows that you have to install to cover the entire area. Now, take a saw and start cutting the planks into equal lengths with much care.

4. Install The First Row Of Wooden Planks

Install The First Row Of Wooden Planks

Start the installation process by fitting the first row of wooden planks along with one wall of the room. Use a chalk line to create a straight line so that the planks could fit properly into the place. Then, take nails and hammers and secure each wooden plank to the subfloor, ensuring that they are leveled.

5. Fit All The Rows Properly Into The Place

Fit All The Rows Properly Into The Place

When you are done wooden flooring installing the first row of planks, continue fitting the other planks’ rows following the same process. Also, stagger the planks into each so that their edges do not line up with each other so that your flooring gives out a more appealing appearance to your room and can run for a longer period. Do not forget to use the prey bar to fit the planks tightly while nailing them to the subfloor.

6. Ensure The Installation Around Doorways

Installation Around Doorways Flooring

When you are covering the entire area of your room, do not forget to install the planks around doorways and other obstacles. Measure the area around them and cut the planks into the required length and width to fit into the place, leaving a small space for expansion. Use the adhesives to fit the planks and nail them for a secure fitting into the place.

7. Finish By Fitting The Last Row Of Wooden Planks

Finish By Fitting The Last Row Of Wooden Planks

When the entire area gets covered, you can start installing the last row of planks. Here, you might cut down the planks into the length and width according to the remaining area. And then fit the plans using the same leveling and nailing method.

8. Do The Finishing Touches For An Adorable Look

Do The Finishing Touches For An Adorable Look

After the installation of all rows, now do the finishing touches to add a perfect touch of charm to your space. Install the baseboards and trim around the edges of the room to cover up all the gaps and other imperfections. That way, your room will get a clean and polished appearance, for sure while creating an inviting atmosphere.

9. Clean Up All The Mess On Your Floor Properly

Clean Up All The Mess On Your Floor Properly

Now, it is time to clean up all the mess created during the installation process from your wooden floor. For this, do proper sweeping or vacuuming to clear out any dirt or dust particles so that the flooring surface continues shining and adding warmth and a classy look to your space.

Bringing It All Together

In the end, I would say that wooden flooring installation in your home is the best way to add beauty, elegance, and warmth. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily install wooden flooring that will be durable and will create an attractive appearance for your space while complementing your entire furnishing, as well. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab all the tools and materials, start installing your wood floor to elevate the level of your place, and save money on hiring professionals.

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