How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last?

How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last

Hardwood flooring is known as the most elegant statement of your entire home decor. As it is the most appealing floor covering in the market because of its high durability and graceful appearance, which makes your living space look much more adorable.

How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last? No doubt, there are a lot of options available in the market which can mimic the look of real hardwood flooring perfectly, and you can get them at a very affordable price. But, regardless of all these things, those floor coverings cannot add that value to your property that real hardwood flooring adds.

Regardless of it being very expensive, people still lodge hardwood flooring. Talking about its durability, hardwood flooring can last much longer, if taken care of properly. But, like every other flooring, there comes a time when this aesthetic hardwood flooring comes to its end. So, you might probably be wondering how long hardwood floors last exactly. Well, in this article, you are going to know the answer to this very question.

The Durability of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors can last longer, and if you take care of them properly, there will be no need to get them replaced. Hardwood flooring can come to its end, but proper refinishing, or re-coating, can bring it back to life. Therefore, you can easily allow it to intensify the beauty of your home decor just like before with this luxury wooden flooring charm and grace.

Talking about the re-coating process, it is a simple process and could make your floor look brand new in no time. Ideally, you should get your floor refinished quite often so that it could maintain its grace. Although, it’s an expensive procedure, yet it is worth it when your space gets gleamed up and gets transformed into a whole ravishing place.

Refinishing And Recoating of the Hardwood Floors

Refinishing And Recoating of the Hardwood Floors


Basically, re-coating and refinishing are quite different procedures from each other. Recoating is the finest and elementary process. On the other hand, getting your floor refinished means essentially giving your floor a look of newly installed floor covering. Refinishing is much more expensive than re-coating, as it is a much deeper process and gives your classic flooring a feel of freshly lodged in your space.

In addition, if you do the re-coating process of your hardwood flooring like once in 3-5 years, it will reduce the need of getting your floor refinished. Ideally, you should get your hardwood flooring refinished at least once in 8-12 years to make it much more durable. Also, the time period of getting your refinished or re-coated depends on what treatment you are giving to your floor and how much you take care of it.

Restore the Look of Your Hardwood Flooring by Recoating or Refinishing

Some people don’t get their hardwood flooring refinished or re-coated. That’s totally fine, but the vinyl flooring loses its grace and shines with time, and ultimately your space will not eject the same worth appealing look, anymore. In addition, after 8-12 years, your floor will come to get quick wear and tear, which obviously means the waste of your money. Because, in that case, you have to get it replaced and removed quickly.

But, if we talk about getting your floor re-coated, or refinished after that certain period of time, your beautifully designed hardwood floor won’t lose its shine. Rather than this, it will restore its look, and give a feel of newly installed floor covering. There will be no quick wear and tear. Also, it is not mandatory to get it re-coated or refinished only right after 3-5 years or 8-12 years. You can get this process done at any time, you feel the need for it.

Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Clean to Make it Last More Longer

Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Clean to Make it Last More Longer


If you think that the refinishing or re-coating of your floor costs you a lot even when you get it done only once in 3-5 or 8-12 years. Then, be sure to take care of your hardwood flooring. Make sure to not let it get dirty, i.e. remove the spills as soon as possible, treat the stains, etc.

No matter if you are having a gathering or some guests at your home or not. Your floor should always look neat and clean. Only then you can reduce the need for getting your floor refinished or re-coated in 3-5 or 8-12 years. You can then do it once every 7-8 years.

Talking about the cleaning of your hardwood flooring, it doesn’t mean that you should always run for the cleaning product which contains some refinishing element. Continuous use of such products may get your floor damaged.

Rather than this, try to do the basic cleaning of your floor, and that will be enough. Use that cleaning product once a week by mixing it with the water, and then give your floor a good cleaning, so that there will be no product left over the beautiful surface of your hardwood flooring.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend getting your floor re-coated at least once in 3-5 years, or refinished at least once in 8-12 years so that you could have it in the long run with you. No doubt, hardwood floorings are highly durable, but getting them refinished means they could last a lifetime with you. In this way, you can give your home space an elegant and beautiful look, making it look worth appealing.

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